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The Blacksmith is where you combine items received from Adventures, Challenges, Gifts, Bosses and the Clan Inventory to produced enhanced items.

Why Craft Blacksmith ItemsEdit

There are two main reason why you would want to craft Blacksmith items:

  • Change items bought from the Clan Inventory with expensive upkeep costs (usually Legendary items) to more powerful versions that do not have any upkeep costs
  • Convert Weapons/Warriors that have fallen below the level at which their defence and/or attack are employed, into useful items again.
  • Convert a used weapon into a more powerful one using easily obtainable parts (coin purchase or gifts) but be careful the craft only uses 1 of the item you are currently using.
But beware there are many items which when crafted actually lowers your stats. if you do not get the timing right. The Poison Stroke is a prime example of an item that needs the correct timing (level wise). Until your minimum attack or defence goes above 49 (equivalent of the crafted Noxious Giant Spider [49/49] or the Asgard drop item Longship of the Gods [49/49]
Longship of the Gods

Longship of the Gods

), you will lose out by crafting this item as the att/def of the 2 items used to craft it give you 103/103 as opposed to 57/57 for the crafted item.

Before you consider crafting it can be quite useful to see what the lower limits of attack and defence are for your warriors and weapons. The simplest way to do this is to go to Profile -> Battle Strength then click on Clan Warrior Defense: to display a list of the warriors you are using (and similarly for weapons) for defence and attack. At the bottom of this list will be the lowest item you use. Hovering over this item will pop up a tool tip that gives you the stats for that particular item. If the stats of the item you will be using as ingredients of the craft are lower than the low item stats you will not lose anything by using them to craft a more powerful item.

Lands and their associated Blacksmith itemsEdit

Blacksmith items have specific unlock criteria closely associated with Lands, Levels and Adventures. Some Elite and Legendary items may appear twice. Once where the initial item becomes available and again when the unlock level is reached.

These land tables may differ from the official ones used in the Blacksmith section of the game. This is because the game lists the craftable item in the land where the parts first become available rather than the level you can craft them at For example the Elite Compass Shield is unlocked at level 20 but its location requirement is Aegir's Sea which begins at level 40 making its effective unlock level, 40. Where this occurs we will try to list the item at its effective unlock rather than the stated one.

Reverse CraftingEdit

Sometimes when you craft an item and realise you have made a mistake by doing so, it may be possible to reverse the craft. This is mostly true of Common-Elite-Legendary items. For some reason as well as the item you want to reverse craft, all reverse craft recipes use 1 scout.

Index of Blacksmith CraftablesEdit

North Midgard
Highland's Ranger
Highland's Longbow
Fine Light Axe
South Midgard
Ebony Knife
Elite Black Scale Shield
Elite Obsidian Dagger
Legendary Black Scale Shield
Legendary Obsidian Dagger
Freya's Javelin
Plain Runner
Aegir’s Sea
Elite Compass Shield
Legendary Compass Shield
Fine Fishing Drakkar
Farshot Bow
Hurricane Master
Njord's Champion
Elite Forsaken Dagger
Elite Rune Chiseled Axe
Aegir's Passage
Hero's Warship
Legendary Forsaken Dagger
Legendary Rune Chiseled Axe
Aegir's Trident
Land's End Sentinel
Forged Helmet
Elite Axstar
Elite Hero
Elite Tundra Warrior
Legendary Axstar
Legendary Hero
Legendary Tundra Warrior
Harvest Transport
Cloudland's Guardian
Blazing Shield
Skyshine Blade
Elite Centaur
Elite Mistlord Hammer
Elite Thunderstroke Mace
Ice Dart
Under Giant
Reforged Sword of Sigmund
Legendary Centaur
Legendary Mistlord Hammer
Legendary Thunderstroke Mace
Elite Serpent Claw Blade
Fine Slith Blade
Giant's Blade
Elite Cyclops Smash Club
Steel Sword
Ivory Elf
Spear of Root Essence
Elite Lobster Hook Whip
Elven Silkcloth Garments
Cavernshake Hammer
Elite Bane Skewer
Elite Fjorgyn Battleaxe
Elite Meteorite Flail
Legendary Serpent Claw Blade
Cavern King
Blood Spewer
Noxious Giant Spider
Elite Tentacle Whip
Inferno Ship
Starfire Hammer
Fire Fiend
Hellfire Chariot
Elite Minotaur Hoof Club
Legendary Cyclops Smash Club
Poison Stroke
Legendary Bane Skewer
Legendary Fjorgyn Battleaxe
Legendary Meteorite Flail
Elite Yeti Ice Sword
Legendary Lobster Hook Whip
Shadow Guard
Underworld Dragon Boat
Giant Tusked Boar
Elite Rock Tunic
Legendary Tentacle Whip
Goddess Crafted Armor
Blade Mistress
Legendary Minotaur Hoof Club
Elite Magic Dust
Elite Heathen
Elite Underworld Aefir
Elite Warblade
Legendary Yeti Ice Sword
Skyforged Blade
Sky Maiden
Elite Winter Spear
Elite Necromancer Robes
Elite Frost Mage
Elite Ledhrblaka Armor
Elite Dragon Noose
Elite Elders Amulet
Elite Death Mistress
Elite Dragon Fire Tunic
Legendary Rock Tunic
Stonecracker Hammer
Einherjer Spirit
Legendary Heathen
Legendary Underworld Aefir
Legendary Warblade
Odin's Favor Charm
Aurora Spear
Elite Dragonfang Dagger
Elite Skullhelm
Elite Berserker Chief
Elite Underworld Ring
Legendary Magic Dust

Midgard - Godly Trials
Fist of Heaven
Elite Eljundinis Plague Staff
Elite Firebird's Featherblade
Elite Shadow Valkyrie
Angel Warrior
Elite Frost Tunic
Legendary Winter Spear
Legendary Necromancer Robes
Legendary Frost Mage
Legendary Ledhrblaka Armor
Elite Mountain Heart
Elite Boulderstone Armor
Elite Mountain Guardian
Valkyrie Bladestaff
Autumn's Hammer
Elite Horned Helmut
Elite Shapeshifter Assassin
Elite Dualfang
Elite Throatguard
Elite Vampire Hunter
Alfheim - Godly Trials
Legendary Dragon Noose
Legendary Elders Amulet
Legendary Death Mistress
Legendary Dragon Fire Tunic
Elven Mage
Crystal Saber
Aurora Knight
Legendary Eljundinis Plague Staff
Legendary Firebird's Featherblade
Legendary Shadow Valkyrie
Elite Bow of the World Tree
Elite Lightning Staff
Elite Skadi's Winterspear
Elite Broadhew
Elite Darkwoad
Legendary Dragonfang Dagger
Legendary Skullhelm
Legendary Berserker Chief
Legendary Underworld Ring
Nidavellir - Godly Trials
Sunstrike Mace
Earthheart Hammer
Stonepillar Axe
Elite Elven Long Blade
Skullsmasher Dwarves
Legendary Frost Tunic
Legendary Mountain Heart
Legendary Boulderstone Armor
Legendary Mountain Guardian
Muspell - Godly Trials
Summoner Staff
Muspell Spectre
Damned Elven Queen
Cinder Axe
Elite Bifrost Sentinel
Elite Niflheim Dread Thane
Elite Warplate
Legendary Bow of the World Tree
Legendary Lightning Staff
Legendary Skadi's Winterspear
Legendary Horned Helmut
Legendary Shapeshifter Assassin
Legendary Dualfang
Legendary Throatguard
Legendary Vampire Hunter
Elite Dvalin Handaxe
Vulture Mask
Molten Chain
Helheim - Godly Trials
Greater Imp
Throwing Cleavers
Elite Baldur's Morning Blade
Elite Dreadbiters Fang
Elite Magma Serpent
Elite Flameweaver
Legendary Broadhew
Legendary Darkwoad
Vingolf - Godly Trials
Silver Whip
Blacksmith (item)
Freya's Helm
Legendary Bifrost Sentinel
Legendary Niflheim Dread Thane
Legendary Warplate
Angel Guardian
Elite Tyr's Knight
Elite Dark Horse
Elite Serpent Man
Legendary Elven Longblade


Asgard - Godly Trials
Hel's Rising
Skadi's Blizzard
Jotunheim World Wall
Yggdrasil World Tree
Wellspring of Mimir
Battle of Bifrost
Midgard - Odin's Ravens

(Required items marked with an asterix * means the item is not consumed when you craft the Blacksmith item).

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