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The Blacksmith is where you combine items received from Adventures, Challenges, Gifts, Bosses and the Clan Inventory to produced enhanced items.

Why Craft Blacksmith ItemsEdit

There are two main reason why you would want to craft Blacksmith items:

  • Change items bought from the Clan Inventory with expensive upkeep costs (usually Legendary items) to more powerful versions that do not have any upkeep costs
  • Convert Weapons/Warriors that have fallen below the level at which their defence and/or attack are employed, into useful items again.

But beware there are a few items where crafting actually lowers your stats. the Poison Stroke being a prime example. Until your minimum attack or defence goes above 49 (equivalent of the crafted Noxious Giant Spider [49/49] or the Asgard drop item Longship of the God [49/49]), you will lose out by crafting this item as the att/def of the 2 items used to craft it give you 103/103 as opposed to 57/57 for the crafted item.

Before you consider crafting it can be quite useful to see what the lower limits of attack and defence are for your warriors and weapons. The simplest way to do this is to go to Profile -> Battle Strength then click on Clan Warrior Defense: to display a list of the warriors you are using (and similarly for weapons) for defence and attack. At the bottom of this list will be the lowest items you use. Hovering over this item will pop up a tool tip that gives you the stats for that particular item. If the stats of the item you will be using as ingredients of the craft are lower than the low item stats you will not lose anything by using them to craft a more powerful item.

Lands and their associated Blacksmith itemsEdit

Blacksmith items have specific unlock criteria closely associated with Lands, Levels and Adventures. Some Elite and Legendary items made from Boss drop items appear twice. Once where the initial item becomes available and again when the unlock level is reached.

These land tables may differ from the official ones used in the Blacksmith section of the game. Using the in-game version hides certain craftable items. This is because the game lists the craftable item in the land where the parts first become available rather than the level you can craft them at For example the Elite Winter Spear is listed in Niflheim but you cannot craft it until you reach level 1,600, which is in Vingolf. These tables are based on the level when an item becomes available to craft.

The following is a list of lands and the items that are unlocked within those lands

Template: Name of the item, Attack/Defense, Required level, Cost to make, Required items. (Required items marked with an asterix * means the item is not consumed when you craft the Blacksmith item).

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North Midgard.Edit

Highland's Ranger [5/5]
Highland's Ranger

Level 2

1,000 coins



1x Scout



1x Warrior

Highland's Longbow [17/10]
Highland's Longbow

Level 2

1,000 Coins

Serpent Claw Blade


2x Serpent Claw Blade

Chainmail armor


1x Chainmail Armor

Fine Light Axe [7/7]
Fine Light Axe

Level 5

500 Coins

Light Axe


2x Light Axe



1x Knife

Elite Serpent Claw Blade [46/42]
Elite Serpent Claw Blade

Level 500

5 million coins

Serpent Claw Blade


35x Serpent Claw Blade

Serpent Claw Blade[15/7] (x35)
Serpent Claw Blade

Level 500

1 coins

Elite Serpent Claw Blade


1x Elite Serpent Claw Blade



1x Scout

South MidgardEdit

Ebony Knife [31/28]
Ebony Knife

Level 15

10 million coins

Pillager's Axe


1x Pillager's Axe

Pillager's Tunic


1x Pillager's Tunic

Freya's Javelin [17/18]
Freya's Javelin

Level 27

8 million coins



1x Morningstar



2x Drakkar

Plain Runner [17/18]
Plain Runner

Level 30

8 million coins

Warrior Princess


1x Warrior Princess



1x Assassin

Elite cyclops smash club
Elite Cyclops Smash Club [47/42]

Level 600

6 million coins

Cyclops smash club


35x Cyclops Smash Club

Cyclops smash club
Cyclops Smash Club

Level 600

1 coins

Elite cyclops smash club


1x Elite Cyclops Smash Club



1x Scout

Aegir's SeaEdit

Fine Fishing Drakkar [32/32]
Fine Fishing Drakkar

Level 50

60 million coins



3x Fishing Drakkar

Aegir's Amulet


1x Aegir's Amulet

Farshot Bow [30/30]
Farshot Bow

Level 75

80 million coins

Tyr Bow


2x Tyr Bow

Beowulf Sword


1x Beowulf Sword

Hurricane Master [25/21]
Hurricane Master

Level 75

60 million coins

Elite Hersir


1x Elite Hersir

Aegir Guard


1x Aegir Guard

Njord's Champion [26/22]
Njord's Champion

Level 75

80 million coins

Hurricane Master


1x Hurricane Master

Royal Hersir


1x Royal Hersir

Legendary Shadow Valkyrie [88/88]

Level 2,900

290 billion coins


2x Elite Shadow Valkyrie

Aegir's PassageEdit

Hero's Warship
Hero's Warship

Level 100

125 million coins

Undersea Chariot


1x Undersea Chariot

Tentacle Whip


3x Tentacle Whip

Byggvir Ale

1x Byggvir Ale*

Aegir's Trident
Aegir's Trident

Level 140

175 million coins

Aegir War Ship


2x Aegir War Ship

Hero's Warship


1x Hero's Warship

War Elephant


2x War Elephant

Land's End Sentinal
Land's End Sentinel [35/35]

Level 150

200 million coins

Hel Minion


2x Hel Minion



1x Hero

War Boots

1x War Boots*

Forged Helmet
Forged Helmet [36/35]

Level 180

100 million coins

Fafnir Dragon Helmet


1x Fafnir Dragon Helmet



2x Fenrir

Viking War Helm

1x Viking War Helm*


Harvest Transport [43/43]
Harvest Transport

Level 240

750 million coins

Freyja's Sword


1x Freyja's Sword
Freyja's Armor


1x Freyja's Armor
Freyja's Tears
1x Freyja's Tears*
Cloudland's Guardian [27/28]
Cloudland's Guardian

Level 240

500 million coins

Battle Etin


1x Battle Etin
Freyja's Follower


1x Freyja's Follower
Vanir Statue
1x Vanir Statue*
Blazing Shield [38/38]
Blazing Shield

Level 280

500 million coins

Njord Hook


1x Njord Hook
Njord Ship


1x Njord Ship
Vanir Statue
1x Vanir Statue*
Skyshine Blade [50/50]
Skyshine Blade

Level 300

1 billion coins

Thunderstoke Mace


1x Thunderstoke Mace
Minotaur Hoof Club


2x Minotaur Hoof Club
Scroll of Vanir Knowledge
1x Scroll of Vanir Knowledge*


Ice Dart [45/45]
Ice Dart

Level 400

1,250 million coins

Venom Dart


4x Venom Dart
Sword of Ice


1x Sword of Ice
Shield of Ice


1x Shield of Ice
Under Giant [25/28]
Under Giant

Level 420

750 million coins

Frost Giant


2x Frost Giant
Viking Axes
1x Viking Axes*
Reforged Sword of Sigmund [40/40]
Reforged Sword of Sigmund

Level 460

750 million coins

Broken Sword of Sigmund


2x Broken Sword of Sigmund
Yggdrasil Timber


3x Yggdrasil Timber
Golden Apple Of Youth
1x Golden Apple of Youth*
Mistrunner [29/30]

Level 480

1 billion coins

Vidar Berserker


2x Vidar Berserker
Ice Dwarf


2x Ice Dwarf
War Boots
1x War Boots*


Fine Slith Blade [46/42]
Fine Slith Blade

Level 520

2 billion coins

Thiazi's War Axe


1x Thiazi's War Axe
Nordic Cross Pendant
1x Nordic Cross Pendant
Goliath [30/31]

Level 580

2 billion coins

Rock Giant


2x Rock Giant


2x Shapeshifter
Giant's Blade [41/44]
Giant's Blade

Level 600

2 billion coins

Surtr Fire Sword


1x Surtr Fire Sword
Giant Piranha


1x Giant Piranha
1x Torch
Giantsbane [46/46]

Level 600

3 billion coins

Rock Giant Hammer


1x Rock Giant Hammer
Giant's Blade


1x Giant's Blade
Blessed Oil
1x Blessed Oil


Steel Sword [49/44]
Steel Sword

Level 620

5 billion coins

Alfheim Dagger Set


1x Alfheim Dagger Set
Viking Dagger
1x Viking Dagger*
Skull Dagger
1x Skull Dagger*
Ivory Elf [31/24]
Ivory Elf

Level 640

4 billion coins

Battle Elf


1x Battle Elf
Trickster Faerie


1x Trickster Faerie
Spear of Root Essence [42/45]
Spear of Root Essence

Level 680

3.5 billion coins

Magic Root


2x Magic Root
Alfheim Map


2x Alfheim Map
Iwaz Rune
1x Iwaz Rune*
Elite Lobster Hook Whip [42/48]
Elite Lobster Hook Whip

Level 700

7 billion coins

Lobster Hook Whip


18x Lobster Hook Whip
Elven Silkcloth Garments [41/49]
Elven Silkcloth Garments

Level 700

4 billion coins

Elven Thread Roll


2x Elven Thread Roll
Elf Chain


1x Elf Chain


Cavernshake Hammer [48/48]
Cavernshake Hammer

Level 740

8 billion coins

Dwarf Hammer


2x Dwarf Hammer


2x Andvarinaut
Freyja's Tears
1x Freya's Tears
Legendary Serpent Claw
Legendary Serpent Claw Blade
Blade [51/51]

Level 750

75 million coins

Elite Serpent Claw Blade


6x Elite Serpent Claw Blade
Cavern King [31/32]
Cavern King

Level 760

8 billion coins

Balder Protege


1x Balder Protege
Sorcerer Elf


2x Sorcerer Elf
Blood Spewer [35/38]
Blood spewer

Level 760

10 billion coins

Cavern King


1x Cavern King
Dwarven berserker


1x Dwarven Berserker
Noxious Giant Spider [49/49]
Noxious giant spider

Level 780

8 billion coins

Giant spider


2x Giant Spider
Bat armor


1x Ledhrbraka Armor
Poison Arrows
1x Poison Arrows
Elite Tentacle Whip [52/42]
Elite tentacle whip

Level 800

8 million coins

Tentacle Whip


35x Tentacle Whip


Inferno Ship [53/53]
Inferno ship

Level 820

12 billion coins

Dragon fire shield


1x Dragon Fire Shield
Dragon Fire Sword


1x Dragon Fire Sword
Drakkar Figurehead
1x Drakkar Figurehead
Starfire Hammer [53/53]
Starfire hammer

Level 840

120 billion coins

Blazing sword


1x Blazing Sword
Blazing armor


1x Blazing Armor
Fire Fiend [37/37]
Fire fiend

Level 840

12 billion coins

Fire troll


3x Fire Troll
Blazing giant


1x Blazing Giant
1 x Torch
Hellfire Chariot [60/60]
Hellfire chariot

Level 900

15 billion coins

Fire Wingsuit


50x Fire Wing Suit
Fire Chariot


50x Fire Chariot


Elite Minotaur Hoof Club [55/48]
Elite minotaur hoof club

Level 900

9 million coins

Minotaur Hoof Club


35x Minotaur Hoof Club
Legendary Cyclops Smash Club [56/56]
Legendary minotaur hoof club

Level 900

90 million coins

Elite cyclops smash club


6x Elite Cyclops Smash Club
Poison Stroke [57/57]

Level 930

20 billion coins

Hel's Blade


1x Hel's Blade
Hel's Tunic


1x Hel's Tunic
Poison Arrows
1x Poison Arrows
Elite Yeti Ice Sword [48/55]
Elite frozen yeti ice sword

Level 1,000

10 million coins

Frozen yeti ice sword


35x Yeti Ice Sword
Legendary Lobster Hook Whip [58/58]
Legendary lobster hook whip

Level 1,050

105 million coins

Elite Lobster Hook Whip


6x Elite Lobster Hook Whip
Shadow Guard [30/36]

Level 1,080

15 billion coins

Legendary scout


1x Legendary Scout
Veteran warrior


1x Veteran Warrior
Viking War Helm
1x Viking War Helm
Underworld Dragon Boat [50/50]
Underworld dragon boat

Level 1,100

16 billion coins

Underworld longship


1x Underworld Longship
Legendary knife


1x Legendary Knife
Drakkar Figurehead
1x Drakkar Figurehead
Giant Tusked Boar [52/52]
Giant tusked boar

Level 1,140

20 billion coins

Underworld boar


1x Underworld Boar
Underworld blade


1x Underworld Blade
Battle Swine
1x Battle Swine
Elite Rock Tunic [60/55]
Elite rock tunic

Level 1,200

12 billion coins

Rock Tunic


32x Rock Tunic

Legendary Tentacle Whip [63/58]
Legendary tentacle whip

Level 1,200

120 million coins

Tentacle Whip


6x Elite Tentacle Whip


Goddess Crafted Armor [59/64]
Goddess crafted armor

Level 1,280

28 billion coins

Ice Shield


1x Ice Shield
Celestial cloak


1x Celestial Cloak

Blade Mistress [53/48]
Blade mistress

Level 1,320

28 billion coins

Frost Princess


1x Frost Princess


1x Champion
Northern Knot Charm


1x Northern Knot Charm
Legendary Minotaur Hoof Club [58/65]
Legendary minotaur hoof club

Level 1,350

135 million coins

Elite minotaur hoof club


6 x Elite Minotaur Hoof Club
Elite Magic Dust [55/60]
Elite magic dust

Level 1,400

14 million coins

Trickster fairy dust


32x Magic Dust
Legendary Yeti Ice Sword [65/65]
Legendary yeti ice sword

Level 1,500

150 million coins

Elite frozen yeti ice sword


6x Elite Yeti Ice Sword
Skyforged Blade [54/53]
Skyforged blade

Level 1,560

20 billion coins

Fine Armament


1x Fine Armament
Legendary Blade


1x Legendary Blade
Poem of a Champion


2x Poem of a Champion
Skymaiden [31/37]

Level 1,600

20 billion coins



2x Goddess
Sacred Well
1x Sacred Well
Elite Winter Spear [62/62]
Elite winterspear

Level 1,600

16 million coins

Winter Spear


32x Winter Spear
Elite Necromancer Robes [63/61]
Elite necromancer robes

Level 1,600

16 million coins

Necromancer Robes


32x Necromancer Robes
Elite Frost Mage [50/45]
Elite frost mage

Level 1,600

16 million coins

Frost Mage


32x Frost Mage
Elite Ledhrblaka Armor [61/63]
Elite ledhrblaka armor

Level 1,600

16 million coins

Bat armor


32x Ledhrblaka Armor


Elite Dragon Noose [65/61]
Elite dragon noose

Level 1,800

18 million coins

29x Dragon Noose
Dragon Noose


Elite Elders Amulet [61/65]
Elite elders amulet

Level 1,800

18 million coins

29x Elder Amulet
Elders Amulet


Elite Death Mistress [45/50]
Elite death mistress

Level 1,800

18 million coins

29x Death Mistress
Death Mistress


Elite Dragon Fire Tunic [63/63]
Elite dragon fire tunic

Level 1,800

18 million coins

29x Dragon Fire Tunic
Dragon Fire Tunic


Legendary Rock Tunic [66/66]
Lgd rock tunic

Level 1,800

180 million coins

6x Elite Rock Tunic
Elite rock tunic


Stonecracker Hammer [53/52]
Stonecracker hammer

Level 1,900

36 billion coins

1x Ring of Thor's Destiny
Ring of Thor's Destiny


1x Giant Head
Giant Head


1x Thor Amulet
Thor Amulet
Einherjer Spirit [48/53]
Einherjer spirit

Level 1,900

36 billion coins

1x Legendary Sword Warrior
Legendary sword warrior


1x Loki's Minion
Lokis minion


1x Blessed Oil
Blessed Oil
Odin's Favor Charm [65/65]
Odins favor charm

Level 2,000

40 billion coins

1x God's Favor Charm
God's Favor Charm


1x Trickster's Blade
Tricksters blade


1x Odin's Mask
Odin's Mask
Aurora Spear [67/67]
Aurora spear

Level 2,000

45 billion coins

1x Stonecracker Hammer
Stonecracker hammer


1x Odin's Favor Charm
Odins favor charm


1x Iwaz Rune
Iwaz Rune
Elite Dragonfang Dagger [61/66]
Elt dragonfang dagger

Level 2,000

20 million coins

26x Dragonfang Dagger
Dragonfang Dagger


Elite Skullhelm [66/61]
Elt skullhelm

Level 2,000

20 million coins

26x Skullhelm


Elite Berserker Chief [49/49]
Elt berserker chief

Level 2,000

20 million coins

26x Berserker Chief
Berserker Chief


Elite Underworld Ring [63/64]
Elt underworld ring

Level 2,000

20 million coins

26x Underworld Ring
Underworld Ring


Legendary Magic Dust [66/67]
Lgd trickster fairy dust

Level 2,100

210 million coins

5x Elite Magic Dust
Elite magic dust



Midgard - Godly TrialsEdit

Elite Darkwoad [49/52]

Level 3,000

30,000,000 coins

23 x Darkwoad [36/29]

Alfheim - Godly TrialsEdit

Aurora Knight [51/53]

Level 2900

275,000,000,000 coins

1x Elvin Captian

1x Grove Knight

1x Sacred Well

Nidavellir - Godly TrialsEdit

Muspell - Godly TrialsEdit

Helheim - Godly TrialsEdit

Vingolf - Godly TrialsEdit

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