Full List of Items Purchased With CoinEdit

Item Name Att. Def. Type Level Cost Upkeep
Axe WarriorAxe Warrior32S53500
Light AxeLight Axe22W53500
Sword WarriorSword Warrior33S56000
Battering RamBattering Ram43W1010000
Spear WarriorSpear Warrior34S1010000
Broad SwordBroad Sword77W1011000100
Axe BerzerkerAxe Berzerker45S154000250
Sword BerzerkerSword Berzerker55S156000450
Odin SwordOdin Sword1817W20120000800
Spear BerzerkerSpear Berzerker56S2011000800
Odin HelmetOdin Helmet1620W254000001200
Odin ShieldOdin Shield2021W252 million1500
War MarshallWar Marshall89S30400002500
SleipnirSleipnir2521W3010 million5000
Viking LongshipViking Longship2325W3020 million10000
Tyr BowTyr Bow2626W4530 million15000
Elite HersirElite Hersir1314S751000008000
Royal HersirRoyal Hersir1615S7520000016000
Beowulf SwordBeowulf Sword2828W7540 million20000
Hel MinionHel Minion2017S12530000020000
Fafnir Dragon HelmetFafnir Dragon Helmet3230W15045 million25000
Svalinn Sun ShieldSvalinn Sun Shield3533W30050 million30000
Njord WarlordNjord Warlord2220S35040000025000
Broken Sword of SigmundBroken Sword of Sigmund3836W46060 million35000
Vidar BerserkerVidar Berserker2523S48050000030000
Surtr Fire SwordSurtr Fire Sword4038W60070 million45000
Balder ProtegeBalder Protege2826S72060000040000
Legendary HelmetLegendary Helmet3840W80012 billion 6 million
Legendary ScoutLegendary Scout2527S100012 billion 5 million
Legendary KnifeLegendary Knife4139W110018 billion 10 million
Legendary WarriorLegendary Warrior2627S130018 billion6500000
Legendary FaeringLegendary Faering3941W140030 billion 14 million
Legendary Axe WarriorLegendary Axe Warrior2528S160024 billion 8 million
Legendary Light AxeLegendary Light Axe4240W170060 billion 18 million
Legendary Sword WarriorLegendary Sword Warrior2628S190036 billion 10 million
Legendary Battering RamLegendary Battering Ram4042W2100120 billion 22 million
Legendary Spear WarriorLegendary Spear Warrior2827S230060 billion 12 million
Legendary Broad SwordLegendary Broad Sword4341W2500240 billion 26 million
Legendary ArcherLegendary Archer2728S270084 billion 14 million
Legendary SpearLegendary Spear4143W2900360 billion 30 million
Legendary Axe BerzerkerLegendary Axe Berzerker2829S3100120 billion 16 million
Legendary BalistaLegendary Balista4442W3300480 billion 34 million
Legendary Sword BerzerkerLegendary Sword Berzerker2928S3500180 billion 18 million
Legendary DrakkarLegendary Drakkar4244W3700720 billion 38 million
Legendary Spear BerzerkerLegendary Spear Berzerker3029S4000270 billion 20 million
Legendary Odin SwordLegendary Odin Sword4545W4200960 billion 42 million
Legendary SniperLegendary Sniper2930S4500480 billion 22 million

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