Heroic Berserker
Heroic Berserker
Type: Warrior
Level: 1750
Attack: 35
Defense: 28
Buy: edit
Sell: edit
Crafting Cost: edit
Reverse Level: edit
Reverse Cost: edit
Upkeep: edit
Adventure: Unlocks with
Longship of the Gods Longship of the Gods
Legendary Axe Warrior Legendary Axe Warrior
Adventure: Used to Unlock
Cup of Mead Cup of Mead


Obtained from the Asgard adventure: Test your wit against Heroic Warriors.

Additional InformationEdit

This is another great warrior to keep going back for. The Heroic Berserker could be with you for another 2,000 levels. His only drawback is that he is not used for blacksmithing.

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