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Welcome to the Un-official Viking Clan Wiki!

Join forces with friends to wage war on rivals and seek glory through epic online battles.

Undertake legendary adventures and build your clan join a guild and together, rule the land!


About Viking Clan

This site is dedicated to the Kano/Apps game as played on the sites Kanoplay Kanoplay for Ex-MySpace players and/or Facebook. A lot of this information will also be applicable to the version played at Kongregate and Armor Games the main differences being to do with acquiring and interacting with other players.

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Throughout this wiki you will come across sections of text written in italics. I use this mainly to indicate older portions written prior to Autumn/Fall, 2011 (when I took over) that may still have some relevance.

On this site you will also come across figures in square brackets after an item this is used to indicate an item's statistics. The first figure will be the attack and the second it's defence as in, Battering Ram [4/3] meaning the battering Ram has an attack of 4 and a defence of 3.

If you would like to add content to this wiki or see something that needs correcting please feel free to edit it yourself.

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